3 Ways to Improve Your Water Heater

3 Ways to Improve Your Water Heater

Hot water is useful to you year round. And now that it’s getting chilly outside, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have a working water heater that won’t fail on you when you really need it.

The Importance of Hot Water Heater Maintenance in Winter

In the new year, make a commitment to home maintenance and energy efficiency by following our tips for a more efficient, durable water heater that’s always there for you when you need it.

Insulate the Pipes and the Heater

Insulating your hot water pipes helps to keep heat from moving to the space in your home, which can potentially reduce your water usage and your energy consumption. Pipe sleeves are available in polyethylene or neoprene foam, but we recommend a fiberglass pipe wrap if you have a gas water heater.

If you have an older storage hot water tank, you may also want to insulate the unit itself. Some water heaters that are a couple of decades old lose heat easily, unlike newer insulated systems sold in California. You can find a fire-safe water heater wrap from many retailers.

Turn Down the Temperature

Another thing you can do to save some energy and protect the life of your water heater is to lower the temperature on your water heater unit. Most come preset to about 140°, but you really only need it to be 120°. This may be something you can handle on your own, but a local technician can help if necessary.

Schedule Maintenance

Finally, we recommend that you schedule a professional maintenance visit for your water heater each year so that it can get a quick tune-up and a thorough inspection. A technician will keep you posted about any problems found within the system. They may change the anode rod so that the tank is not likely to rust, or they may make adjustments to the temperature and pressure settings.

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