Have Professionals Help You with Water Damage Restoration

Have Professionals Help You with Water Damage Restoration

After a major flood, you may have a lot of expenses to deal with. You may have to replace some of your unsalvageable valuables, your furniture, or even your carpeting. You might be able to get by with delaying some of these purchases or sparing some expense by replacing your older furniture with that of a lesser value. But one place you cannot afford to skimp is with the process of restoring your property. Here’s how professionals handle water damage restoration jobs.

Assessing the damage

A professional will first categorize the level of water damage that is affecting your flooring, carpets, insulation, walls, and sub-floors. Most specialists sort the level of damage into 4 categories. Class 1 involves the least about of damage to fewer and smaller areas; Class 2 involves damage that has reached up to 24 inches of the walls; Class 3 is saturation over 24 inches, and Class 4 includes specialty drying situations with materials like brick or plaster.

There are also categories that help to identify the type of water damage that you are dealing with, and the level of contamination that may go along with it. Category 1 water damage is water from a clean source (like a water supply line), but it can get worse if left alone for too long. Category 2 involves some level of contamination that may not be severe, like dishwasher overflow. Category 3 is the worst type of unsanitary water quality.

Choosing a method of drying and restoration

Assessing the damage first and foremost helps a water damage restoration specialist to decide on the proper material to use to restore the property, or whether certain items need to be discarded. They have special tools to dry off different materials, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and walls, and they can help with mold and mildew remediation. Call your local water damage restoration contractor to learn more.

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