Make a New Year's Resolution to Save Water: 7 Helpful Tips!

Make a New Year's Resolution to Save Water: 7 Helpful Tips!

Homeowners across the state are stepping up to help California in this period of severe drought. As the new year approaches, we recommend that you make a pledge to help your state in its time of need by making a plan to reduce your water usage. We’ve got 7 helpful tips below that cut your monthly costs and give you something to feel good about!

  • Recycle water to water your plants. Put your dropped ice cubes into a potted plant, or collect water in a bowl when you’re rinsing fruits and vegetables for this purpose.
  • Use your dishwasher wisely. If you have a newer dishwasher model, you shouldn’t have to rinse the dishes before you load them in. In addition, you should note that using the dishwasher is more efficient than washing dishes by hand. If you must do dishes by hand, we recommend plugging up the sink first to soak your dishes rather than running the water the whole time.
  • Turn off the water while washing or brushing. Turn off the water while you lather shampoo into your hair, scrub your hands, or brush your teeth.
  • Upgrade faucets. Aerators and low-flow showerheads make a big difference!
  • Replace the toilet. A low-flush toilet may use about a third of the water of your old inefficient toilet.
  • Fix leaks. Household plumbing leaks waste trillions of gallons of water each year! Fix that leaky sink, and schedule water leak detection services to determine whether there are leaks within your pipes that require attention.
  • Test your toilets. Pour some food coloring into the top of the toilet tank, and check in the bowl about 15 minutes later. If you notice any dye in the bowl, you have a leak!

Call your Rancho Cucamonga, CA plumbing specialists at Allstar Plumbing today for helpful advice and for comprehensive plumbing maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement services for the new year.


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