3 Things You Should Know about Garbage Disposals

3 Things You Should Know about Garbage Disposals

Around the holiday season, we get a lot of calls about garbage disposals, and we hear a lot of misconceptions. We decided to clear some up with this guide, and offer you some great advice about repair and maintenance while we’re at it.

The “Blades” May Not Be What You Think

It’s dangerous to reach your hand into the drain, so we hope you have never had to. But something you should know is that garbage disposals don’t exactly have blades, as you may imagine. The impeller is operated by a motor, and it actually uses force to grind up food into tiny pieces, and there are no sharp blades involved.

Broken Disposal? Try the Reset Button

Sometimes, we get calls to fix broken garbage disposals, when there is often an easier way. Before you reach for the phone, try resetting the garbage disposal by pushing the button underneath your sink. This may do the trick and save you a lot of trouble. Also, make sure that the garbage disposal is plugged in and that there are no electrical troubles with your home. You may just need to reset the breaker.

Whatever you do, don’t put your hands into the drains. This could be dangerous should an electrical problem force the unit to turn on by accident. Call a plumber for any issues that cannot be repaired with a simple reset.

Keep It Clean With Baking Soda and Vinegar

Noticing foul odors from your kitchen drains? Clean the garbage disposal and the drains with a little bit of baking soda followed up by some vinegar. This should take care of the smell, unless there is a problem with your sewer lines. For that, call a plumber!

Foul odors just won’t quit? Need a new disposal unit altogether? Contact Allstar Plumbing & Rooter Service Inc. for garbage disposal services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


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