How to Detect Leaking from Your Toilet Tank

How to Detect Leaking from Your Toilet Tank

Want to do your part in helping California during this period of drought? Sealing plumbing leaks around your home can help significantly, especially when you consider EPA estimates that the average home wastes 10,000 gallons of water a year through water leaks. Leaks underneath your property can be difficult to spot, so you’ll need a professional who specializes in leak detection services to find these. But finding leaks in your toilet tank is a lot simpler.

Check for These Signs of a Leaking Toilet

When assessing your home for leaks, check for these common signs that your toilet is a problem area.

  • Overflow from the tank or bowl: Any leakage running over the toilet tank or bowl deserves prompt attention from a professional. If there are signs of cracks in the bowl, it’s time to replace your toilet.
  • A running toilet: Mysterious flushing noises from a toilet that’s not being flushed are a sign that there is a leak in the valve that seals off your tank from your bowl.
  • Trouble with the handle: If you have to hold down or jiggle your handle, it may be that the flush valve needs replacement.

How to Check for Leaks with a Dye Test

It’s actually rather simple to check for leaking between the toilet tank and bowl, even if there are not obvious signs of a leak. A few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank (the top part of the toilet) can do the trick, and there are also dye tablets sold in stores specifically for testing leaks. Let the dye sit for 15-20 minutes and keep an eye out on the bowl. If the water in the bowl changes colors, you have a leak. The faster it seeps into the bowl, the bigger the leak. Call in an expert for help replacing or repairing the flush valve assembly.

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