Improve Your Water Quality with a Whole-Home Water Treatment System

Improve Your Water Quality with a Whole-Home Water Treatment System

Are you worried about the quality of the water that enters your home’s plumbing system? Many homeowners have a water treatment “system” of some sort in place—but this usually just takes the form of a filtered water pitcher in the refrigerator or a point-of-use filter on the faucet in the kitchen. Treating only one area in this manner means that you neglect to treat the water throughout the home. Isn’t it just as important that the water you use for brushing teeth, bathing, and washing your hands is just as clean?

Whole-Home Water Treatment Systems Available

Take a look at the types of systems you can use to filter or purify your entire water supply, and call a local plumber for installation to ensure your system gets the job done.

  • Water Filtration System: A multi-filter approach helps to trap a large amount of the particles that could otherwise pass into your home.
  • Water Purification Systems: You can have a plumber install a system that can help to eliminate contaminants like bacteria, arsenic, and more.
  • Reverse Osmosis: This is one of the most effective means of water purification, as it is unlike any other method available. A semi-permeable membrane allows only water to pass through, which means most of the troublesome sources of water pollution get left behind, including many chemicals.
  • Water Softener: Hard water does not necessarily affect your health, but sediment from hard water could ruin parts of your plumbing system. Get hard water under control with a whole-home water softener.

Schedule Water Testing with a Professional

Not sure which type of water filtration system is right for your home? Schedule water testing with a local plumber to learn about common contaminants in your plumbing and to find the system that is the perfect fit for your home.

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