What You Should Know about Slab Leaks

What You Should Know about Slab Leaks

The concrete slab underneath your home is fortified to protect and hold your home’s structure. Concrete slab foundation is the preferred foundation for most homebuilders in our area since its benefits in construction generally outweigh its disadvantages. There is one major disadvantage, however, that all homeowners should know about: the possibility of slab leaks.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a plumbing leak that takes place underneath the concrete foundation of a home. The majority of leaks happen with the home’s hot water line, but a slab leak can occur for a number of reason. Standard corrosion over time is a common culprit, but it may be due to poor installation or pressure, which can result from an earthquake or nearby construction. As you can guess, this type of leak is difficult to reach, and not every plumbing company has the proper tools to approach a slab leak.

How Do I Detect a Slab Leak?

A slab leak won’t be as obvious as a leak elsewhere in your home. But catching the leak early is important in order to protect your home from structural damages. Pay attention to some of these signs that there may be a slab leak underneath your property, and call a plumber right away to schedule service.

  • Warm spots on the floor of the home
  • Moisture in the carpet or mold or mildew development
  • The sound of rushing water
  • Cracks in walls and flooring
  • Low water pressure
  • High utility bills

How Is a Slab Leak Repaired?

First, special equipment is used to narrow down the exact location of a leak without damaging your property. Then, plumbers come up with a plan. They may be able to do spot repairs for newer pipes, but older pipes will have to be removed or replaced. The cost can vary greatly depending on whether the plumber is able to apply an epoxy coating inside of the pipes or if the concrete will need to be jackhammered and the pipes completely replaced.

Call Allstar Plumbing & Rooter Service Inc. today for slab leak detection and repair services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA or the surrounding areas.


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