Why We Recommend Water Softeners to So Many Customers

Why We Recommend Water Softeners to So Many Customers

Here at Allstar Plumbing & Rooter Service Inc., we strive to help homeowners protect their plumbing systems. We want to help you avoid any problems that could leave you without access to hot or cold water from an important fixture in your home. That’s why we recommend water softeners to so many of our customers. While many people say that soft water helps to improve the look and feel of their hair and skin, there is another reason we think you should consider this valuable system for your home: money.

The Problem with Hard Water

Hard water is a term that refers to a high amount of minerals in the water that enters your home. Some amount of mineral content is expected in most water supplies, and it does not have an adverse effect on health in most cases. Although water contamination is not a concern with minerals like calcium and magnesium, the deposits they leave behind can do a lot of harm.

You may have noticed that white buildup around your faucets or drains that forms from time to time. This is caused by hard water, and the same scale can build inside of your pipes and in appliances such as the clothes washing machine or dishwasher.

As the scale grows in the pipes, it reduces the volume of water that can pass through. In effect, your water pressure may slowly drop until so many years of scale cause restrict water flow significantly. In your appliances and fixtures, this can do significant damage as well. As a result, you may have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on pipe and appliance replacements or plumbing services.

How a Water Softener Helps

A water softener essentially replaces the minerals in your plumbing system with salt, an amount so small that it also should not affect your health. Not only will your pipes be protected, but you also may notice additional benefits. Because soap lathers easily with soft water, less residue is left behind on dishes and in a load of laundry. Cal a plumber for more information or to schedule water softener installation.

Call our friendly plumbers today to get quality plumbing services from experts in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We install and service water softeners and a number of additional water treatment systems.


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