Tools Professional Plumbers Use to Clean Your Drains

Tools Professional Plumbers Use to Clean Your Drains

We created this list to help homeowners understand which types of tools most plumbers use for clogs, and why some clogs are best left to professionals. However, before we begin, we thought we should explain why plumber never use chemical drain cleaners on homeowners’ drains (or their own). Chemical drain cleaners are highly toxic and dangerous for your skin and eyes. Besides, they can damage the insides of pipes, and they might not even be able to get rid of all types of clogs. Instead, plumbers tend to use these tools and more.


Sometimes a plunger is all you need to loosen a clog and get it moving into the sewer system, and this is something any good plumber is willing to admit if that’s all you needed to unclog a sink or toilet. We always recommend you try this first if the clog is isolated to one area of your plumbing.

Drain Augers/Drain Snakes

Drain augers and drain snakes become necessary when clogs are larger or further along in the drainpipe. There are small drain snakes that go up to 25 feet to reach and latch onto blockages closer to the drain opening, and there are larger drain augers that can extend up to 100 feet! While there are some designed for home use, we recommend calling a plumber to inspect the pipes before choosing a tool.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a service that uses a long, thin hose that blasts water out at a very high pressure. The pressure and speed of the water helps to get residue off the lining of the pipes, sending it back toward the direction to the sewer. This not only clears away clogs; it also helps to prevent blockages from coming back since there is no longer any sticky residue lining your pipes.

Try a plunger first, and then call Allstar Plumbing for drain clog removal services in Ontario, CA.


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