How Do You Know If There's Grease in Your Pipes?

How Do You Know If There's Grease in Your Pipes?

Grease, fat, and oils can be quite harmful to your drains. Grease buildup in the pipes restricts volume. And additional debris is more likely to accumulate over time with a sticky substance lining the insides of your pipes. That’s why we recommend throwing grease out rather than pouring it down the drain. But even careful homeowners are bound to run into trouble at some point or another.

Here are some of the signs that you have grease (along with other substances) built up in your drains. Call quality plumbers for drain cleaning service to clear it up.

Slow Moving Drains

When water only moves down the drains slowly, it could be due to a buildup of grease. Eventually, too much grease restricts the flow of wastewater moving down it. By reducing the available volume, the drains become a bit slower. Eventually, this issue can become serious, and sewage could even back up into your home because of it.

Frequent Clogs

If you seem to get clogs left and right, that’s a sign of trouble. Often, homeowners try using chemical drain cleaners to solve the problem, but these may not be capable of dissolving the grease, especially if it is further along in the drain lines. Besides, chemical drain cleaning is dangerous. The most effective way to blast away clogs like grease is with high-pressure water jetting, available from your local plumbers.

It’s Been a While Since You’ve Gotten Drain Service

Has it been many years since you’ve had a plumber clear out your pipes? Chances are high that some level of grease buildup is slowing down the drains, leaving them more likely to clog. Professional hydro jetting can be used as a form of preventative maintenance, to keep clogs from coming back up in the long run. Ask your plumbers for more information!

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