How to Keep Drains Clean throughout the Year

How to Keep Drains Clean throughout the Year

The cleaner your drains are, the less likely you are to need emergency service for a drain clog this year. Of course, you can’t really see inside of your drains to tell how clean they are. While professionals have professional video pipe inspection equipment available, the cost of using it is really unnecessary unless you’re experiencing drainage problems.

So how can you keep this part of your home clean, even though you cannot reach inside of them? Follow our tips!

Use the garbage disposal properly

Large pieces of food stop up the drains quite easily. You must ensure you are using the garbage disposal properly so that it processes food into very fine particles to move down the drains with ease.

  • Keep hard food items out—don’t dispose of anything you couldn’t chew with your teeth.
  • Prevent disposal breakdowns by avoiding fibrous foods like celery (that can wrap around the impeller).
  • Only put small amounts of food into the drains at once.

Consider Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a service offered by select plumbing and drain companies that helps to keep the drains as clean as possible. You might consider hydro jetting your drains once a year to clean them out and prevent food items from clogging your drains any time soon.

Avoid FOG

Fats, oils, and grease are seemingly harmless substances that can actually do quite a bit of damage to the drains. These substances solidify when they cool down. The greasy substance in the drains allows additional debris and residue to latch on and gather up in the drains. When you are cooking with fats, don’t just pour them down the drain. Pour them in a separate container to be disposed of later.

Call Allstar Home Services for all of your drain and sewer cleaning needs in Riverside, CA. We use hydro jetting to clear out clogs and grease and keep drains clean.


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