Why a Tank Water Heater Is Still an Excellent Installation

Why a Tank Water Heater Is Still an Excellent Installation

When you’re looking into a new water heater installation, you might look into some of the newest systems on the market. High-efficiency tankless water heaters are in high demand these days. Energy costs and environmental concerns prompt many homeowners to take action and choose an on-demand water heater that only heats up water as needed.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a tankless water heater is the best option for your needs. For many people, a tank water heater is still an excellent option. We’ll go over some of the details here.

How Water When You Need It

Tankless water heaters heat up the water right when you open up a hot water tap in the home. But it can take a while before the system fully warms up. And if your faucet is far away from the water heater, it takes even longer for hot water to reach it.

Hot water is delivered to your faucets and fixtures a little bit faster with a tank water heater because it stores hot water in a large tank, making it available when you need it.


Yes, a tankless water heater does typically cost less to run. But it may take many years before these monthly savings actually offset the higher cost of installation. We know that you might need to save money upfront first and foremost, and that’s okay. Today’s tank water heaters are more efficient than ever before.

Besides, with tankless water heaters, you often need several units for a larger household. A properly sized tank water heater won’t give you trouble if a few family members take (reasonably timed) showers all in a row. When you call expert technicians for the installation, you can count on quality performance for years to come.

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