4 Facts about Slab Leaks Every Homeowner Should Know

4 Facts about Slab Leaks Every Homeowner Should Know

A slab leak is one of the most frustrating events that can happen to a plumbing system, but it’s something that few people know much about until it hits their home. We’ve listed a few facts we think homeowners should know about slab leaks below, in hopes that it may help you prevent leaks or detect them early.

1. A solid foundation won’t stop a slab leak.

Your concrete slab foundation was put in by a construction company you trust and your plumbing was installed by expert plumbers with the proper certifications. But that does not mean that your pipes are safe. Pipes run under the concrete foundation because it is the easiest and most efficient way to construct the home with the plumbing system, and, unfortunately, the stability of the concrete slab cannot protect your pipes.

2. You can look for clues if you suspect a slab leak.

Don’t stand idly by if you suspect that you may have a plumbing leak. Take a look around your property for some additional signs and call a plumber ASAP if you think you may be at risk, which includes any time there is an earthquake or another natural disaster. This includes:

  • Wet spots around the edge of the property or in carpet.
  • Warm spots on the ground floor.
  • The sound of rushing water underneath the property.
  • A drop in water pressure.

3. Your insurance may not cover a leak.

Unfortunately, your insurance company may try to tell you that insurance cannot cover a slab leak if it is caught too late. And of course, it’s very difficult to detect a slab leak early on, since you cannot see the pipes that are leaking. Regular inspections can help you to stay on top of slab leaks, and they are very important if your pipes are already several decades old.

4. The hot water lines are more likely to be the sources of slab leaks.

The heat from your hot water lines are more likely to react to the soil around the pipes and to corrode faster than the cold water lines. That’s why you may notice warm spots on the floor during a slab leak or a drop in your hot water pressure.

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