Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners When Your Drains Clog

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners When Your Drains Clog

We know that homeowners want the problem solved quickly when their drains are clogged. Drain clogs can be a major hassle, interfering with your daily routine and forcing you to take some big measures to try to get the problem under control.

You might feel that chemical drain cleaners sold in bottles at local retailers are an easy solution. All you have to do is pour them down the drain and wait. However, they have a few major flaws:

  • Toxicity: Chemical drain cleaners are poisonous if ingested, and they are not safe to keep around if you have small children in the home. They can also damage the skin or eyes. This is a major reason to say no to most bottled drain cleaners.
  • Ineffectiveness: Besides, the chemicals are not even very effective at ridding the drains of most types of clogs. For example, many are good at eating away at hair, but not at getting rid of some food scraps. And often, the blockages that were causing trouble near the drain opening just get pushed further into the pipes, meaning you’re likely to experience additional clogs soon.
  • Harsh on Pipes: These drain cleaners are not even safe for your pipes, as they can wear away the material and reduce your drains’ lifespans, parts of your home you want to keep around as long as possible.

We strongly advise that homeowners avoid these drain cleaners at all costs. Call a professional and get targeted drain cleaning that gets rid of clogs even very far along in the sewer line, or professional hydro jetting, which can clear out the drains and prevent clogs in the first place.

Contact the friendly people at Allstar Plumbing & Rooter Service today to get drain cleaning with hydro jetting in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


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