Do You Know Where Your Shutoff Valves Are in Case of an Earthquake?

Do You Know Where Your Shutoff Valves Are in Case of an Earthquake?

If an earthquake hit your home, you’d have a lot to check off your mental checklist: making sure your family is safe, checking for broken items, taking inventory and calculating costs for replacements. But one thing you might not think of is to check for gas leaks. Here, we offer some guidance on finding shutoff valves and more to keep you prepared for an earthquake.

The Gas Shutoff Valve

It’s important to know where your gas shutoff valve is so that you can shut it off in case you smell a leak, hear hissing, or just want to ensure your family’s safety (just remember that you’ll need the utility company to turn it back on.

The gas valve is located at the meter. This meter is:

  • Somewhere at the side of the house.
  • At the front of the house.
  • Enclosed in a cabinet at the side of the house.

Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves

If you don’t want to have to worry about shutting off the gas after an earthquake, when you’ve got other things on your mind, you should consider an automatic gas shutoff valve. There are two different types of automatic shutoff valves. One detects sizable seismic activity and shuts off the gas. One detects a change in gas flow from the meter before shutting off the gas.

Catching Plumbing Leaks

You should also know the location of your water shutoff valve, but it’s probably not necessary to shut off the water after an earthquake unless a pipe bursts. The water shutoff valve is typically located at the water main, where the water supply meets the street. But there are also individual shutoff valves at various fixtures.

Slab leaks are a somewhat common problem after an earthquake, and they are a lot tougher to find since they are underneath your concrete slab foundation. Look for the following signs of a potential slab leak and call a plumber ASAP if you select a leak.

  • The sound of rushing water from the floor.
  • Warmth from the floor (indicating a hot water line leak).
  • A drop in water pressure.

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