How Professional Drain Cleaning Can Prevent Clogs

How Professional Drain Cleaning Can Prevent Clogs

Nobody really wants to give up the time to call in a plumber once a drain clog occurs unexpectedly. Suddenly, you’re expected to wait for a plumber to arrive and pay for a service you had not really planned for. Thankfully, you can schedule preventative maintenance now to stop problems from occurring later on.

Hydro Jetting

Quality plumbers use hydro jetting when it comes to preventing clogs from occurring, and also for removing blockage. Hydro jetting means using a really thin hose that the plumber slowly feeds through the drain. The hose shoots out water at a high speed and pressure. The pressure is not enough to harm the pipes, and it can blast out clogs so that they move into the sewer system.

Much of the reason drain clogs occur is that residue inside of the pipes builds up and allows for more debris buildup. Hydro jetting helps to clear the drains of this debris completely. Clear drains mean fewer clogs in the near future.

With this service, you can schedule drain cleaning on your own time, without worrying about finding a plumber last minute. You can plan for the expense and feel confident that your drains are cleaner than they were before with an inspection.

Better than At-Home Methods

Some people try to save money and clean out the drains on their own. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t work because you might not have access to the same type of equipment as a plumber, or know how to use the equipment effectively. Small drain augers don’t work when drain clogs are far along in the pipes. And drain cleaning chemicals are dangerous and often ineffective.

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