Is Your Water Filtration Good Enough? Why That Pitcher Isn't Cutting It

Is Your Water Filtration Good Enough? Why That Pitcher Isn't Cutting It

Many homeowners have a filtered water pitcher that sits in the fridge or on a countertop so that there is always filtered water available when they want a drink. In other cases, homeowners may get their filtered water directly from the refrigerator via a spout on the door. But are these really the best options for your family members?

You Deserve Filtration throughout Your Home

One of the main reasons to throw out that pitcher and get a whole-home water filtration system instead is that you shouldn’t only have filtration in an isolated area of your plumbing system. You deserve to get filtration throughout your entire household, not just the kitchen sink.

Think about it: you use water to brush your teeth, rinse your face, wash your hair, and more. This water, too, should be free of impurities, so that you can feel better about your family’s health and wellness. We recommend whole-home water filtration instead: a better choice for you, your family members, your guests, and your plumbing system.

Find Water Filtration Experts

Installing a water filter for your entire plumbing system isn’t exactly a simple task. A technician has to ensure that it is securely fitted to the plumbing system and that it does an adequate job of removing impurities from the water. You should find someone who knows what to do when it comes to modifying a plumbing system.

A trained plumber can test out your water quality and help you to learn about the types of contaminants affecting your water supply. That way, you can narrow down the type of water filter you need, and you can determine whether you should have something more effective, like a reverse osmosis system, or something to target hard water: a water softener.

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