Earthquake Preparedness: Know How to Check for Slab Leaks

Earthquake Preparedness: Know How to Check for Slab Leaks

The pipes underneath your concrete slab foundation are quite durable, but ground movement could lead to sudden ruptures. After an earthquake, you might be too busy worrying about cleanup and replacing broken items to think about what might have happened beneath your property. But catching a slab leak as early as possible is crucial if you want to prevent water damage that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Signs of a Leak Underneath Your Concrete Foundation

Here are a few of the most common signs that there is a water leak underneath your property.

  • High water bills: Your utilities go up when water leaks into your home.
  • Mold or mildew: The smell of mildew or the appearance of mold underneath the carpet warns of a major plumbing problem.
  • Sounds of running water: If you listen carefully, you might hear the sound of rushing water underneath your floors.
  • Cracks in the baseboard: This is a sign that a slab leak is serious, and you should have a plumber do an inspection ASAP.
  • Low water pressure: Low water pressure throughout the faucets in your home usually indicates a major leak.

Leaks Commonly Occur in the Hot Water Line

The hot water line may be more susceptible to leaking, in part because of the thermal expansion that can cause pressure changes within the pipes, which may make them more susceptible to bursting during an earthquake. Because of this, you may notice problems specific to the hot water line (though some of these could also indicate issues with your water heater):

  • Heat underneath your feet.
  • A lack of hot water or a drop in temperatures when you take a shower.
  • A drop in your water pressure only when you turn on a hot water tap.

Call the professionals at Allstar Plumbing to learn more about preparing for an earthquake and to schedule slab leak detection services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


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