Learn about Your Gas Shutoff Valve and Be Prepared for an Earthquake

Learn about Your Gas Shutoff Valve and Be Prepared for an Earthquake

A gas line rupture is a scary possibility that’s far more likely if you live in California. Earthquakes can hit at any time, and you’ve got a lot to worry about when they do. Today, we want to make sure you are prepared to take steps to protect your family in case of a gas leak by helping you to understand the gas shutoff valve in your home.

Manual Gas Shutoff Valves

It’s important that you know the location of your gas shutoff valve before an emergency occurs so that you can shut it off as soon as you suspect a gas leak. It’s usually on the side of the building, and it may be enclosed in a cabinet. Keep an adjustable pipe wrench or a crescent wrench near the gas shut off at all times so that it is there when you need it. A one-quarter turn of the valve should shut off the gas.

We recommend that you only shut it off if you suspect a leak, either because you hear a hissing noise or because you smell rotten eggs. The utility company will have to come to your home to restore service to your home and perform an inspection, and after an earthquake, there may be a longer waiting period.

Automatic Gas Shutoff Device

You might consider having a technician install an automatic gas shutoff device. This way, you don’t have to remember to take care of this step while you are dealing with other matters after an earthquake. There are two gas shutoff valves commonly installed in homes:

  • Excess flow valve: An excess flow gas valve detects when the gas flow leaving the meter exceeds a set level.
  • Earthquake actuated valve: An earthquake actuated valve cuts off the gas whenever sizable seismic activity is detected.

Keep in mind that you should not try to turn the gas back on yourself. You must call someone from the utility company to do this for you so they can inspect your gas line and make sure that everything is safe.

Call Allstar Plumbing to get an automatic shutoff device installed in your home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


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