Prevent Clogs with Professional Sewer Cleaning

Prevent Clogs with Professional Sewer Cleaning

Part of maintaining your plumbing system involves taking daily steps to prevent drain clogs. And you probably already do a lot of those steps: using the garbage disposal, putting large food scraps or hard food items into the garbage can instead, and using drain covers in your shower to catch hair.

But one of the easiest ways to prevent drain clogs is one that few people are aware of: professional sewer cleaning. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your plumber to finish the job. And after this service is complete, you are unlikely to experience major sewer and drain clogs any time soon, as long as you keep taking care of your drains.

Here’s How Hydro Jetting Works

Only hire sewer cleaners who use hydro jetting equipment to clean out the pipes, as this not only clears up clogs but also prevents them from coming back. Here’s what will happen when you call a plumber into your home for this service:

  • Initial Inspection: First, your plumber should use a camera snake to inspect the lining of the pipes, checking for any leaks in the sewer line or any major drain blockage.
  • Selecting the Tools: If anything major is blocking the sewer line, such as tree roots, your plumber might need to use a different tool first to extract the blockage. But most types of blockage can get pushed to the other end of the sewer line with hydro jetting.
  • Hydro Jetting: A thin hose moves through the sewer line, forcing out water at a high pressure and speed to clean off the inside of the sewer line and get rid of clogs. The nozzle shoots out water from all 360 degrees, removing sand, scaling, hair, and greasy residue.
  • Another Inspection: After the job, quality plumbers use cameras again to make sure that the sewer line is completely clear.

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