How a Clean Sewer Line Can Prevent Trouble

How a Clean Sewer Line Can Prevent Trouble

A clog in the sewer line that runs from your drains to the city’s sewer system takes on a lot of work. It can fill up quickly with wastewater and residue, causing major clogs that stop water from moving down one or all of the drains in your home. Professional plumbers can clean out the drains afterward, or they can do it routinely to prevent clogged drains in the first place!

Reduce the chances of clogs

When your sewer line clogs, it’s not usually one waste item that causes the problem. If food scraps or toilet paper get caught in the drain or sewer line, it’s typically because residue within the pipes gives it a place to stick.

Having completely clear sewer lines can help to prevent clogs. Even if large pieces of debris do find a way into your drain and sewer line, they are more likely to move successfully into the sewer system when the sewer pipe is a clear path.

Hydro jetting is the way to go

Many people use chemical drain cleaners found at hardware stores and grocery stores when they need to clean the drains. While this might help with some sources of blockage, we never recommend these to anyone. For one thing, drain cleaning chemicals are some of the most toxic chemicals you can find on store shelves. They can damage the pipes, and they won’t even clean them out. Residue remains as most of these cleaners are only effective at dissolving certain types of organic substances.

Drain snakes cannot do a sufficient job of cleaning out the pipes either. They can remove the blockage and a lot of the sludge sitting in your pipes, but some amount of residue remains.

Hydro jetting involves using a long, thin hose to thoroughly clean out the drains and sewer line using high-pressure water bursts that cut through grease. Make sure your plumber offers hydro jetting as part of regular services so that you can prevent clogs from happening in the first place!

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