I Have a Garbage Disposal-Why Does My Kitchen Sink Clog?

I Have a Garbage Disposal-Why Does My Kitchen Sink Clog?

The kitchen sink is perhaps the most annoying place to have to deal with a drain clog. Your kitchen sink is where you wash dishes, fill up pitchers and pots, and clean up before and after dinner, so this type of drain clog can really inconvenience you and your home.

What’s particularly annoying is when you have a garbage disposal that’s meant to prevent this from happening. Why are your drains still clogging when you have this preventative device in place?

Fats, grease, and oil

One of the worst threats to your drains is grease. Fats, oils, and grease—called FOG by plumbers—can solidify as they move down your drains and cool down. This leads to residue buildup in the pipe that only allows more and more residue and debris to collect. Set aside cooking grease so that it doesn’t ruin your pipes!

Large Portions

You may be asking your garbage disposal to do too much at once. When you put in large portions of food, rather than breaking it up into smaller pieces, you are putting your garbage disposal through a lot of extra work. Small scoops or handfuls of food at a time are the key to a successful disposal.

Someone in the Home Not Following Rules

You know not to put food wrappers, popcorn kernels, and other hard foods or non-food items down the drain. Do other members of your household?

Make sure that everyone in the home understands the consequences of putting food items down the drain that can cause major clogs or stop up the garbage disposal motor. This includes things like plastic and paper, meat bones, seeds, fruit pits, corn husks, onion skins, and anything else that you couldn’t chew with your teeth. Rice and pasta, which expand with water, may also cause sewage to backup, so be careful with these foods as well.

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