Maintaining Your Water Heater

Maintaining Your Water Heater

If you’ve ever had a water heater fail on you, you know that it’s something you never want to deal with again. Of course, any water heater will fail eventually. But keeping it well-maintained can help to delay replacement, and prepare you for when it’s time is running out.

How a Professional Water Heater Maintenance Visit Works

When you schedule water heater maintenance with an expert, you’ll get a number of things checked and tuned so that your water heater is in peak condition.

  • Flushing the tank. Technicians will flush the tank to rid it of any mineral content in the water that speeds up corrosion and contributes to higher pressure levels in the tank.
  • Checking the temperature and pressure valve. This valve helps to prevent major damage and even water heater explosions, so it’s very important that this piece is inspected annually.
  • Inspecting the anode rod. This is a rod that helps to prevent premature corrosion. A small cylindrical piece made of magnesium (or sometimes aluminum) reacts faster than your tank, so sacrificial anodes are consumed before corrosion can affect your tank. Eventually, the rod wears away and needs replacement. A technician may be able to do this on the spot or they might need to return at a later date or time.
  • Checking on the tank. If there are signs that your tank is nearing the end of its life, your technician will let you know so that you have a chance to make plans for replacement before the unit breaks down in the middle of your shower.

What You Can Do on Your Own

Part of maintaining a water heater includes paying attention to any signs your water heater isn’t working properly (like sudden changes in water temperature) and calling a professional for service right away.

You should also adjust the temperature of your water heater so that it’s not hotter than you need. Standard settings put the water heater at about 140°. You only really need it to be at 120°.

At Allstar Home Services, we’ll take care of all of your water heater needs for you. Call us for maintenance services in Fontana!


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