How Much Will This Leak Cost Me?

How Much Will This Leak Cost Me?

A major water leak or drainage leak on your property is annoying for so many reasons. You may have to shut off the water and go without while you wait for a technician. You might even have to put up with an awful smell. But for most people, the worst part of the experience is the cost.

That’s why so many people expect a quote when they call from company to company trying to find the right plumber. They want to make sure they do not get overcharged for the service, but this is not the best way to go about finding a technician, for several reasons.

It’s Tough to Tell

…especially over the phone. Your situation is unique, and a good plumbing company will not quote you a price now if there’s a chance that it can change significantly once the plumber sees the extent of the damage. The pricing is also dependent on the structure of your property and your piping system.

Before you ask for an estimate, have the plumbers come to your home. But make sure you understand their pricing policy first.

Don’t Get Burned

We’ve heard of some companies using dishonest pricing techniques to charge customers far more than the job should cost. Sometimes, companies quote you an hourly price and then take their time to get the issue fixed in order to tack on to the cost. Or, you may get a company that does want to take the time to try to resolve the issue properly and recommends replacing pipes before they really need it.

Check online reviews and ask neighbors to make sure you are working with someone trustworthy. And in case the leak turns out to be significant, choose plumbers who use trenchless technology, which causes very little damage to the yard and makes the whole process a lot less stressful.

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