Maintain Your Drains with Hydro Jetting

Maintain Your Drains with Hydro Jetting

Think of the last time your drains clogged. It might have been a small issue that required a plunger, or it might have been a larger problem necessitating the use of a professional drain auger. No matter the situation, it was certainly frustrating.

What if you could prevent clogs from happening in the first place? A lot of it has to do with how you treat your drains, and some clogs near the drain opening are to be expected from time to time. But you can keep clogging from affecting your drain and sewer pipes by scheduling maintenance each year with a qualified plumber—in the form of a hydro-jetting appointment.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

It’s a service performed by plumbers that most homeowners would not be able to complete on their own. Plumbers have the right equipment for the job, thin, high-pressure hoses that fit into the pipes.

Typically, the service goes as follows:

  • A plumber inspects the inside of the pipes with a video camera. That way, they can ensure they are using the right tools for the job, and that there are no major pipe leaks.
  • The plumbers choose an access point and then slowly feed a hose through the sewer pipe.
  • The high-pressure blast of water removes clogs and blasts residue from the inside of the pipes.
  • A video camera inspection is completed again to see whether the pipes are clear or if the hydro jet needs another pass through.

Afterward, your pipes are clear of any clogs, and also of residue and debris stuck to the lining of the piping. This increases the volume available inside of the pipes and makes it easier for wastewater to move down. Debris is less likely to clog up the pipes when there is no sticky residue for it to cling to, and you may not experience any major clogs anytime soon.

Call Allstar Plumbing for your next drain cleaning service in Fontana, CA, and get hydro jetting technology to help prevent clogs.


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