Trenchless Sewer Repairs Save Time

Trenchless Sewer Repairs Save Time

If repairing a sewer line sounds like a lot of work to you, you’re right. The job will take up a large chunk of time, since the sewer line is buried on your property. However, a trenchless sewer repair makes things a whole lot easier, reducing the overall time involved with the replacement or repair and helping you move on with your normal routine a lot faster.

Traditional Sewer Repair Takes Time

With the old-fashioned way of doing things, plumbers have to excavate the part of your property that your compromised sewer pipe runs through. This takes time—usually multiple days. And by the end of the job, part of your property is in shambles. Getting your landscaping back in order takes even more time, and it makes your yard look rather unsightly in the meantime.

How Trenchless Repair Works

If you want to alleviate the hassle of sewer repair and get the job done faster, ask your plumber about trenchless technology. Trenchless sewer repair involves using hydraulic equipment to enter the pipe from one end and pull in a new pipe lining.

Depending on the type of equipment and the circumstances of the repair, a technician will either dig one or two holes in your property. A new flexible pipe lining, coated with adhesive, seals onto the old broken pipe as the hydraulic equipment goes back through to seal it into place. After a few hours of drying, the new pipe lining is good to go, and just as effective as a pipe replacement.

Get your lawn back to normal sooner, and keep your yard from becoming an eyesore. Make sure that your plumber offers trenchless sewer repair and replacement services! The equipment is costly to buy or rent, so some plumbing companies are not able to offer this service, and they may not even tell you if it is an option!

Call Allstar Plumbing for trenchless sewer repair in Ontario, CA. We save you time and make things easy.


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