Why Does a Sewer Line Break?

Why Does a Sewer Line Break?

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a sewer line rupture, you know just how frustrating it can be. But you should know that you’re not alone. Sewer lines can break for a number of reasons, and sometimes it’s just because you’ve been due for an upgrade. On the other hand, it might have to do with conditions on a property. Read on to learn the most common reasons sewer pipes fail.

Old Age

So why did your sewer lines start to leak? Unfortunately, they might just be old. Older sewer lines that begin to corrode should be replaced completely, not just in parts. Once corrosion begins, it won’t just stop. The rest of the piping will start to follow suit, as the corrosion is due to a chemical reaction in the piping material.

Thankfully, trenchless technology makes the pipe replacement process easier, using machinery to allow for a relining that doesn’t involve digging up a huge part of your property.

Poor Installation

The haphazard installation of a sewer line could lead to a rupture shortly after installation if the pipes are not securely put into place. When it comes to your water and sewer lines, make sure you only work with trained, experienced, qualified plumbers.

On the other hand, if your sewer lines rupture shortly after installation, it might be due to an environmental disturbance. Nearby construction, for example, may pose a problem, as can an earthquake.

Tree Roots

This is one of the most common sewer line issues. Tree roots naturally seek sources of moisture, and the sewer lines are often an excellent target. There are chemicals you can use to keep tree roots from wrapping around your pipes and destroying them. Ask your plumber about other preventative solutions and what you can do to repair the broken pipes.

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