Do You Need a Professional Sewer Pipe Inspection?

Do You Need a Professional Sewer Pipe Inspection?

When was the last time a plumber had a look at your sewer pipes? If it’s been several years—or if you’ve never had a plumber check on your piping, it might be time. A failing sewer line is one of the biggest hassles you can come across when it comes to plumbing problems. Dealing with the smell, the mess, and the unexpected drain on your time that occurs when a pipeline breaks is something that no one wants.

Signs Your Drain and Sewer Pipes Are in Trouble

Pay attention to the signs that your sewer lines might be in trouble or that they could be at risk of a major leak. It could save you money, time, and a pretty unpleasant mess.

  • Smells – At this point, sewer line leakage could be a major problem. Don’t assume your home is not the reason for that foul odor around your property. Call in a plumber to be sure.
  • Areas of grass that seem to grow faster than others – If one part of the grass on your property seems to grow in greener or fuller than the rest, it could be due to a leak underneath that fertilizes the grass.
  • Other signs of moisture – You can also look for any signs that moisture has infiltrated the perimeter of the building, like wet spots on the ground or dark spots near the bottom of the wall.
  • Poor drainage – If your drains move slowly and a plunger won’t help, call a plumber in ASAP to take a look.
  • Aging – When the pipes are around 50 years old, it’s a good idea to start calling in plumbers for annual inspections.
  • A New Home – Don’t leave anything to chance when you’re buying a new home. Call a technician to inspect your pipes when you buy a new place.

What Happens during a Pipeline Inspection

When you call a quality plumber in for a pipeline inspection, you can expect them to use sewer camera snakes for the inspection in order to get a close look at the length of the piping. They’ll report their findings back to you and let you choose the best method of repair. Don’t call an amateur in to do the job of a professional!

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