How Hydro Jetting Cleans Your Drains

How Hydro Jetting Cleans Your Drains

Hydro jetting, or hydro jet cleaning, is a method of cleaning with high-pressure streams of water, used to remove buildup and debris from your plumbing system. Eventually, this buildup restricts wastewater flow and causes clogs in your plumbing, leaving you with a big problem on your hands. One of the most effective ways to remedy this issue is with professional hydro jetting services.

How Does It Work?

Hydro jetting is essentially like power washing your plumbing system. The hydro jet is made up of a compressor, a flexible hose that can snake down your drain, and a round head that can spray water 360 degrees. The water comes out at 3500 psi, which is a very high level of pressure. This rate of speed allows the water to safely cut through any build-up in your pipes as well as tree roots, without being dangerous to the actual pipes.

Hydro jet systems spray upward into your plumbing system to effectively dislodge whatever debris exists in your pipes. Your plumbing professional will attach the hydro jet to an opening in your plumbing system known as a “cleanout,” and once the hydro jet is securely in place, the water will dislodge the buildup and flow down and out of your system.

Can I Do This Myself?

Hydro-jets are not safe or effective if put in the hands of someone without the training to handle them. High-pressure water blasts may not damage your pipes, but they should certainly not come in contact with people or pets, as serious injury can occur. Your plumbing professional will wear special protective gear when working with this equipment, plus he has the training and the know-how to get the job done as safely as possible.

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