Signs of a Clog in Your Main Sewer Line

Signs of a Clog in Your Main Sewer Line

Plumbing systems are very often something homeowners take for granted. This is especially true when it comes to your main sewer line. This is an incredibly important part of your system though. Without sewer lines, your wastewater would have nowhere to go.

So, if you encounter a problem with your sewer line, you’ll want to tackle it right away. But how do you know if your main sewer line is the problem? We’ve shared some signs below to look out for that could indicate a clog.

Multiple Drain Clogs in Your Home

If you have a partial clog in a bathroom sink, you probably aren’t going to worry too much. But if multiple plumbing fixtures in your home are draining the water slowly or not draining at all, then you more than likely have a clog in your main sewer line.

Foul Smell Coming from Your Plumbing

The smell of sewage can’t be missed, and it’s very unpleasant. If you discover the smell of raw sewage coming from your drains, then your main line is backed up.

Water Backup in Other Drains

Let’s say you flush your toilet and notice that water has backed up into the bathtub or shower drains. Or you are using the bathroom sink and notice your toilet bubbling. When there is a clog in your main sewer line, there’s nowhere else for the water to go.

The Solution

Schedule sewer line cleaning with a professional plumber to rid yourself of sewer line clogs. Our plumbers use the hydro-jetting method for sewer and drain cleaning. This a process where your plumber inserts a long, thin hose into the drain lines from a point of entry into the pipes. The hose has a nozzle that blasts water out in 360 degrees, ensuring that any sludge or debris in your main sewer line is loosened and eliminated.

For sewer cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA, contact Allstar Plumbing today.


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