3 Common Plumbing Clogs and How to Prevent Them

3 Common Plumbing Clogs and How to Prevent Them

When you have a major plumbing clog in your home, it can be a pain. Sometimes, you are unable to use sinks and tubs until the problem is resolved. Sometimes, unpleasant smells go along with the clog. And, of course, you don’t want to pay a plumber for the service if it were preventable.

Take the steps to prevent or reduce clogs in your plumbing system. Check out some of the most common stoppages found by plumbers and what you can do to prevent them.


Hair in a bathroom sink or tub can easily move through the drains. Individual hairs become entangled and trapped in the residue often found in drainpipes, contributing to a goopy fibrous blockage which is sometimes very far along in the drainpipe or sewer line.

Drain covers in the tub and sink help to prevent hair from moving into the pipes in the first place. These are easy to find at a hardware store, and they’re pretty cheap too.


Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are some of a drains’ biggest enemies. FOG blocks up a drainpipe as it cools and congeals into a residue that sticks in your pipes. This allows more debris and residue to gather and stick until it becomes a mess in your drains.

When you have a pan full of bacon grease or oil, don’t dump it in the sink. A separate trash disposal container helps you to protect your pipes.

Unflushable Items

Often, what a plumber finds in the pipes are items that were flushed down the toilet and shouldn’t have been. Paper towels, wipes, napkins, and other paper products may look harmless, but they do not break down in water in the same way that toilet paper does.

Make sure that the youngest family members know the rules of flushing. If it’s toilet paper, it goes in the toilet. Everything else goes in the trash!

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