How Plumbers Repair Leaks Underneath Concrete Slabs

How Plumbers Repair Leaks Underneath Concrete Slabs

Finding out that you have a water leak underneath the concrete foundation of your home can be stressful. You may not know what to expect and you might be worried about the process of the repair. You will have to call in professionals, as repairing a slab leak is no simple matter, and you don’t want to do the job improperly and risk costly water damage.

We want to clear up the process to help make slab leak repair a little bit easier on you. Feel free to call us with any other questions you have.

Direct Access to the Pipes

Penetrating the concrete slab to access the pipes underneath is surely the quickest and easiest route to the pipes. Direct access to the pipes, however, will involve some amount of damage to parts of your property.

Typically, the plumber uses a jack hammer to reach the pipes underneath the home. The leaky section of pipe is removed and replaced. There’s a whole lot of noise involved, and you have to consider the cost of replacing the flooring, carpeting, and more.

Tunneling or Rerouting

Tunneling involves excavating an area around the leak, and creating a route to the pipe. Sometimes, the plumber can remove the leaky portion of pipe and replace it. Sometimes, more work is required.

A re-route of the pipes is necessary when there is a significant amount of leakage or signs of corrosion and deterioration. Rather than tear all of the pipes out of the foundation, your plumbers will work to find a way to reroute the pipes around the problem area.

Which method is right for you will depend on a number of factors. Your plumber will examine the issue and make sure to choose the method that’s right for the situation. Just make sure you’ve hired trustworthy, reputable plumbers!

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