Managing the Grease Trap on Your Commercial Property

Managing the Grease Trap on Your Commercial Property

A grease trap is a necessity for many commercial properties—particularly for restaurants, but also for hotels and anywhere else food may be prepared and/or served. If you’ve got a grease trap on your property, it’s because you have to, and because it helps to protect the public sewer system (as well as your own). You should note, however, that you are responsible for maintaining the grease trap, even if it’s for the benefit of the city, and there are a few things you should do to ensure it doesn’t get too full.

Clean them on a regular basis

The most important thing to do for your grease trap is to have it cleaned out regularly. If the grease trap is able to get too full, grease could back up and move either into the sewer system or back to your sinks. If you’re found responsible for clogging up the public sewer system, you could face some major fines.

Set a schedule with a plumbing/septic company

Work with a local plumbing company to decide on the schedule that’s right for your grease trap. One that is not needed very often might not be cleaned as frequently as a commercial kitchen’s grease trap. A plumber that handles commercial accounts can work this through with you.

Train employees to avoid having grease in drains

One of the best ways to maintain your grease trap is to stop too much grease from moving into it in the first place. Train your employees and educate them about the dangers of getting too much grease in the pipes. Have safe grease, fat, and oil disposal areas available. Post signs as reminders and to direct employees of where to dump grease.

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