What's that Smell from My Drains?

What's that Smell from My Drains?

You’ve been away from your home for a while, and when you get home, you accidentally catch a whiff of your sink or tub drain. Yuck! The smell of sewage overwhelms you, and you’re ready to call a plumber to your home right away.

Not so fast! Smells from the drain may worry you at first. But if it’s been a while since you used the sink or shower, the smell may be harmless.

The P-Trap: Blocking Sewer Gas from Intruding on Your Home

Have you ever wondered why there is a curvy pipe underneath the kitchen and bathroom sink? This is called a P-trap (because it’s sort of shaped like a sideways P). And there is actually a trap underneath all of the drains in your home. Some are built into a fixture, like the toilet’s P-trap, while others are hidden where you cannot see them, like the bathtub’s.

Without traps, you’d be able to smell sewer gas coming from the sewer lines and system. A small amount of water hangs out in the trap whenever you use the faucet or shower. This water blocks out sewer gas, in order to save your nose.

When you don’t use the fixtures for a while, and in effect, the drains, the water can evaporate. Simply turning on the water might help to solve the problem.

There Could Be a Larger Issue

It’s possible that the sewer gas you smell is due to a larger drainage problem, however. If this problem is coupled with clogged drains, there could be an obstruction in your sewer line. It may even mean that raw sewage is slowly working its way back up through the drains.

If this is the case, you’ll need professional drain cleaning. Those at-home drain augers won’t help! Call professional plumbers who use hydro jetting to clean out the drains.

Contact Allstar Plumbing for more helpful advice or to schedule drain cleaning service in Fontana.


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