Why Should You Care How Clean Your Sewer Line Gets?

Why Should You Care How Clean Your Sewer Line Gets?

Your sewer line is the last thing on your mind. We understand. If sewer and drain line maintenance weren’t in our job descriptions, we might not think too much about it either. However, we’ve made it a priority to educate homeowners about the state of their plumbing systems, and to make sure that major drain and sewer problems are less likely to affect our customers over time.

Sewer cleaning is a job that can help you out when your sewer line has a major clog. But it’s also a service that can help you out before your sewer line clogs, and can prevent them from clogging up again.

Sewer Cleaning with Hydro Jetting

When you call a technician for a sewer cleaning job because your drains are clogging up, they may only use a drain snake and inspection equipment to remove the major blockage. But you should choose a company that’s able to follow up with (or start with) hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting will get your sewer line clean. And this is important; a clean sewer line and drain system can prevent clogging from happening in the near future (as long as you continue to care for your drains). Large blockages don’t always happen all at once. They form when debris and residue get stuck on the lining of the pipes, eventually reducing the volume significantly and creating a drain clog.

Hydro jetting is the process plumbers use to get your pipes clean. Many plumbers have this tool—a long, thin hose that they feed through the drain and sewer line in order to get it clean. Water pressure is increased and it blasts out of the hose at a high rate to spray debris and residue away from the lining of your pipes. When your pipes are clean, it will take longer for blockages to collect in the first place!

Call Allstar Plumbing today to get sewer cleaning services with the power of hydro jetting for your sewer line in Riverside, CA.


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