Roots in the Main Line: A Common Plumbing Problem

Roots in the Main Line: A Common Plumbing Problem

We know that, sometimes, a major plumbing problem can come as a surprise. If you have never had to deal with tree roots in your plumbing system, and no one in your life has either, it may come as a surprise to find out that roots are causing major damage to your pipes.

But we’re here to tell you that this actually happens more often than you may think. Tree roots can cause a lot of damage to a plumbing system, in particular to the sewer lines underneath your property. Find out more here!

How Roots Can Wreck Your Pipes

When you have a large tree on your property, its roots need somewhere to go. Certain roots are more aggressive than others. They look for sources of water and fertilization, and your sewer pipes are the perfect target.

If there are any weak spots in the pipes (like poorly sealed joints or a part of the pipes that is corroding), then the roots can grow toward the pipe. Slowly, they infiltrate the piping, piercing through after they wrap around them.

The Damage of Tree Roots

Tree roots can clog up the pipes. Commonly, people assume they have a common kitchen or bathroom sink clog. They may even rent a rooter to try to clear out the clog. But that can end up making the problem worse. Roots only collect further in the pipe as you may not be able to break them up enough to send them to a sewer.

The Proper Method for Repairs

If there are tree roots in the sewer lines, you have a few different options for repair. We prefer to use trenchless technology to repair the pipes, but it depends on the circumstances. We may be able to clear out the sewer lines, but we’d have to see the problem first. That’s why any good plumber will use high-quality video camera inspection equipment before making any repair, and why you should trust the job to a professional.

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