The Reason You Have Low Water Pressure

The Reason You Have Low Water Pressure

It’s so frustrating to turn on a tap in your home only to find that the water pressure just isn’t up to your standards. Showers are a lot less pleasant, and take a lot longer when you have low water pressure. And washing dishes or hands becomes very difficult when you don’t have the water pressure required to get things clean.

So what’s the cause of your water pressure issues? It could be a number of things. We’ve got a few possible reasons below. But for more information, you should call your local plumber to diagnose your pipes.

A Dirty Aerator

When this is the case, homeowners are usually relieved. If your low water pressure issues are a result of a dirty aerator, you can simply clean it up. If you unscrew the end of your faucet or disassemble your showerhead, you should find a small screen inside. Try cleaning this off and putting it back in!

A Water Shut Off Valve

When the aerator is not the problem, and only one faucet or showerhead is causing you trouble, you can try checking the shut-off valve that leads to that fixture (which should be located nearby). Someone may have accidentally closed off the water a bit, especially if you have children in the house. Low water pressure throughout the home could also result from a closed shut-off valve.

Water Heater Issues

The problem may originate in your water heater if the water pressure issue only happens when you have the hot water on. In this case, you’ll need to call in a plumber.

A Clogged Filter

If you have a water filter that serves your whole home, you may need to replace it. An older filter becomes blocked by sediment and other particles, slowing the flow of water throughout the home. You should change a filter every few months anyway.

A Water Leak

Unfortunately, your low water pressure may be due to a water leak. Leaks in the water line must be taken care of ASAP, so if you have low water pressure, and you cannot attribute it to any other issue, call in a local plumber immediately. You may even want to shut off the water while you wait for water leak detection, to avoid any water damage that may result from the leak.

It’s tough to figure out on your own why you have such low water pressure. Call Allstar Home Services to handle all of your plumbing needs in Ontario, CA.


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