We Offer Hydro Jetting for Small Drains

We Offer Hydro Jetting for Small Drains

Hydro jetting is a service that most plumbers recommend over other drain cleaning techniques. Typically, when there is blockage deep within the drain line or sewer line, the default tool is a large rooter (a drain snake or auger). This type of tool uses an attachment that essentially just punches a hole in the blockage.

This can clear the drain—for now. But it leaves behind all of the residue and debris still stuck on the lining of the pipe. Hydro jetting is different.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Hydro jetting is a service that requires a thin specialized hose that’s able to blast water into the pipe and clear out debris. Water moves out of the hose at a high pressure. And because it has a 360° nozzle, you can expect every portion of the pipe to be cleared out.

This is the only way to really get debris out of your drains. Since it won’t leave behind any residue or debris, your drains are unlikely to clog again any time in the near future.

Where It’s Useful

Many people consider hydro jetting to be something that’s mainly useful for larger sewer lines and drain lines. Bur hydro jetting can be used in your kitchen sink too. As long as plumbers have access to a clean-out, your kitchen lines can get cleared out.

And this is where hydro jetting is perhaps the most useful. After all, this is where oil and grease often make its way down the drains—though we strongly suggest you avoid letting it move down your drains. When your kitchen drains are cleared out, you won’t have to worry so much about clogs destroying a holiday dinner or interfering with your daily routine.

Contact Allstar Home Services for your next hydro jetting services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We’re offering a special for your kitchen drains! Check it out while it lasts.


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