What Is the Most Effective Drain Cleaner?

What Is the Most Effective Drain Cleaner?

Slow drains are a nuisance, and something that doesn’t usually go away on its own. You want a drain cleaning solution that clears out the clog for good, not just provides temporary relief for a problem.

Your best bet is to turn to a professional, though there may be another solution in it for you. Read on to learn about our recommendations for stubborn clogs and see how you can remove clogs for longer.

First Things First: Put Down the Chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners are toxic, so we really recommend avoiding them at all costs. They can be particularly harmful if you have children or pets. And they don’t necessarily do the job, as they often leave certain materials behind in your drains.

They also damage the inside of drains, which is why so many plumbers strongly recommend against these. There are other solutions that won’t ruin your pipes!

Here’s What We Recommend

So what is the drain cleaning substance we use to clear the drains of grease and debris? Water! We use high pressure hydro-jetting hoses which blast water out into the insides of your pipes at an extremely high pressure to eliminate residue built up inside of drains. While drain augers and drain snakes can remove a clog, this method clears out the insides of the pipes instead, preventing clogs from coming back.

One other solution that’s worth looking into is one that uses bacteria to clean the drain. Instead of the harsh chemicals that can harm the insides of pipes, these cleaners use bacteria to actually eat away at organic chemicals. That means that they only get rid of the organic stuff like food particles, hair, grease, and cotton, while avoiding the pipe materials and connections. Contact a local plumber to learn more.

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