Why It's Important to Schedule Professional Water Heater Maintenance

Why It's Important to Schedule Professional Water Heater Maintenance

A water heater maintenance visit can help to prevent water heater breakdowns and offers a couple of other benefits to mindful homeowners as well. Check out all of the awesome benefits of a professional tank or tankless water heater tune-up in the guide below.

Prevent Breakdowns

How can a water heater tune-up help to keep it from breaking down when you need it most? First, an inspection alerts you to any major problems now, so that you can have them resolved before your water heater breaks down unexpectedly. In addition, tasks like flushing the tank and adjusting temperature and pressure prevent issues from coming up in the first place.

Improve Efficiency

A water heater tune-up could potentially improve or restore some efficiency to your water heater. If the tank is running more smoothly, it reaches set temperatures faster, which means it doesn’t have to use so much energy. And since a water heater often accounts for about 12% of your bills, this certainly matters.

Give Your Water Heater a Longer Life

Replacing a water heater is stressful, and not something you want to deal with often. Corrosion is the most common cause for a water heater replacement, as this signifies the end of a tank’s lifespan.

An inspection can catch any signs that your water heater is at risk of beginning to corrode. A worn-down anode rod, for example, should be replaced so that it can continue to draw corrosion to itself and protect the tank. And scaling should be flushed from the tank, since it speeds up the process of corrosion.

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