Can You Increase Your Home's Water Pressure?

Can You Increase Your Home's Water Pressure?

Water pressure is a hot topic for homeowners frustrated by how lackluster water pressure is when attempting to rinse dishes, shower, or hose down the patio. In some instances, your water pressure issues can be resolved with little work and some tools you may already have in the home! But it may be time to reach out to your local plumbers in Ontario, CA.

Water Pressure Issues You Can Resolve Yourself

Sometimes, you can resolve a water pressure issue without any help from a plumber. In fact, we often show up for a job only to find that a homeowner could have quickly fixed the issue with a wrench, or in some cases, with no tools at all.

  • At the end of every sink faucet is an aerator, a small screen that helps to regulate pressure settings. If the water pressure problem only happens in one tap, try unscrewing the end of the faucet first and cleaning out the aerator by rinsing it.
  • There may be a water shut-off valve that has been left open slightly, blocking water pressure from coming through.
  • Water pressure regulators are often installed on pipes and may need adjustment.

When Water Pressure Problems Require a Professional

Sometimes, a water pressure issue requires a professional plumber. This is especially true when water pressure problems occur throughout the household, and it becomes urgent when you suspect there may be leaks.

  • Plumbing pipes can develop leaks that keep water from flowing through your pipes. These may not be noticeable, and you need a plumber with leak detection equipment to spot the source.
  • Minerals can build up in the pipes and restrict flow. Cleaning the pipes out with chemicals may do the trick.
  • Corrosion may be setting in. Corrosive materials may block the pipes, and, unfortunately, you can only resolve the issue by replacing the pipes.

Otherwise, you may need to contact the utility company to find out whether your water pressure issue is a widespread problem.

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