Tips and Tricks for Tough Drain Clogs

Tips and Tricks for Tough Drain Clogs

The most difficult drain clogs can be tough to manage. Your sinks are slowly draining, or the tub is filling up quickly during a shower. You want a fast solution, but many of your go-to’s won’t work for every type of clog. Learn the best tips and tricks from expert plumbers about removing blockage from your pipes, but call a plumber for a drain cleaning service when the clog goes too deep.

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many people go straight for the chemical drain cleaners found on store shelves for a tough drain clog. But this type of drain cleaner is never recommended by professional plumbers. The chemicals within a drain cleaner are, first of all, quite toxic. They are dangerous and potentially harmful (especially if you have children or pets in the house). They can also damage the insides of the pipes. Secondly, they’re not really that effective. Often, chemical drain cleaners are formulated to dissolve certain organic chemicals, while others are left behind in the drains or pushed down further.

Know How to Effectively Use Your Plunger

Rather than using drain cleaners, a plunger should be your first method of choice. Any blockage located near the drain opening may be unclogged with a plunger. For a toilet, you should use a plunger with a flange attachment at the bottom, a cup-shaped attachment that folds in as needed and works better with the toilet’s unique shape. Then, be sure to get the right kind of grip on the situation. Make sure you have some pressure going with the plunger and the drain opening. Use the same amount of pressure to push down as when you pull up, and don’t be afraid to repeat the process 20 or 30 times.

Try This Trick to Fix a Tough Drain Clog Before Calling a Plumber

There is one substitute that may work for minor drain blockage that is safe and helps to clean the drains. All you need is some baking soda, vinegar, and a stove.

  • Pour a half cup of baking soda into the drain.
  • Add a cup of vinegar.
  • Follow that up with a pot of boiling water.

Try a Drain Snake

If you have a drain snake in the home already, you may be able to use it to pull out some blockage—as long as you use caution.

  • Push the drain snake in as far as it will go. If yours uses a crank.
  • Continue turning the crank until it starts to give a little, keeping in mind that you may just be hitting the curve of a pipe.
  • Once you think you’ve hit blockage, continue turning the auger until you feel it push through.
  • If you cannot feel it pushing through, you may be able to pull the clog back up.

Know that a Plumber Has the Tools and Expertise Already!

At this point, if you cannot pull out the blockage, it’s always worth it to call in an expert. You may have tree roots in your sewer line or residue that needs to be cleaned out with a hydro jetter. Simply put, plumbers already have the right tools and expertise for the job.

If you cannot effectively resolve the tough drain clog on your own, call Allstar Plumbing at (909) 219-9704 or contact us online!


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