Changing the Air Filter in Your Home: It's More Important than You Think

Changing the Air Filter in Your Home: It's More Important than You Think

This year, make energy efficiency a priority. Taking little steps to improve the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning system can result in a significant drop in your bills, and some of the simplest steps can make a big difference.

You may not often consider the condition of the air filter in your air conditioning and heating equipment. Technicians recommend that you change the filter every 1-3 months, but you may ignore the suggestion if it seems that your indoor air quality is just fine. However, this isn’t the only reason to change your filter: it’s for the good of your air conditioning system and the size of your utility bill.

How the Air Filter Protects Your Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

As you probably already know, there is a fan within your HVAC system responsible for moving air throughout your home—after it sucks up air from your home. Air comes through a register in your home, passing a filter before it ever makes its way to the air conditioner or furnace.

That’s because the fan can suck up particulate in the air as it sucks in the air. And it comes in with such force, that dust and debris could pummel the air conditioning unit, causing permanent damage to the indoor air handler.

The air filter protects your air conditioning system from damage, but only if it is clean. Clogged air filters can actually do more harm than good, and not just for your air quality.

The Problem with a Dirty Air Filter

Over time, even very small dirt and dust particles get trapped in the fibrous air filter, which is a good thing in terms of your health. However, those small particles can add up rather quickly. A dirty air filter may prevent air from moving through to the AC system or furnace with ease.

Suddenly, the fan struggles to get air into your home, and the HVAC system—which is designed and sized to handle a set amount of airflow—can become overworked with all the extra strain. All of this results in some major issues for you:

  • Slow performance, which means you are less comfortable.
  • High energy bills from all the extra work for your air conditioner or furnace.
  • Potential system breakdowns or preventable repairs.
  • A shorter lifespan for a system that frequently struggles.

Get on a Schedule to Change Your Air Filter

This year, make a commitment to the wellbeing of your AC and heating systems by making a schedule to change out your filters.

  • Find the location of your filter, which may behind a register on the wall or ceiling, or on the furnace itself.
  • Stock up on replacement filters ahead of time, so that you have no excuse to skip out on changing the filter.
  • Turn off the AC system or heater before removing the old filter.
  • Make sure the new filter’s arrows line up in the correct position and that the filter is securely in place.

If you have a reusable filter, be sure to save the instructions for cleaning and maintaining it. Often, you can vacuum and rinse the filter, but be sure it is completely dry before returning it to the system (to avoid bacteria and mold growth).

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