How Do Sewer Lines Break? A Sewer Repair FAQ

How Do Sewer Lines Break? A Sewer Repair FAQ

For most people, the sewer lines are a bit of a mystery, but they may not want to know too many of the gritty details. Still, while you may not want to think about what goes in the sewer line, it’s good to know what may eventually cause trouble in your pipes, so that you know what to expect with a repair. Here are some of the common reasons sewer lines may break, potentially leaking sewage onto the property.

Movement in the Ground

Sometimes, a sewer line breaks because ground movement nearby causes a disruption that forces the line to rupture. This may be more likely if the pipes were not properly installed. A faulty connection or a poor pipe fitting may break at even a light disruption or obstruction.

In California, ground movement summons up images of earthquakes. This is one way for a sewer line to rupture. However, commonly we see sewer line repairs come up because of nearby construction, or even because a homeowner started work on their own property without checking on the sewer and water lines first.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a very common source of sewer leaks, but still an unexpected one for many people. A sewer line is an excellent source of water and fertilization. A tree root may naturally grow toward this source of nourishment, until it wraps around or pierces the pipe, causing a rupture.

Sometimes, plumbers can remove the root and the homeowner can take small measures to keep the tree roots away, like using chemicals. The pipes may need reinforcement or replacement (relining with trenchless technology) after a tree root infiltration. Or, sometimes, the tree should be removed to protect the property.


Over time, pipes simply wear out from old age. When corrosion sets in, the pipe starts to form leaks that will only continue to spread, and that’s something you certainly do not want to deal with. If corrosion has taken over your pipes, a plumber will likely recommend pipe relining or replacement.

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