It’s the Perfect Time to Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

It’s the Perfect Time to Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

We’ve had some unusual wet weather lately, which is great news for California’s drought. It’s also kept us feeling cooler, which means you may have warm weather far from your mind. However, high temperatures are coming sooner than you think, and you should do what you can to prepare.

That means more than just shopping for sunny days ahead. Scheduling AC maintenance for your home can help you to save money throughout the summer, and it will mean fewer AC emergencies when you really need the cool air. Learn more about this valuable service in the guide below.

What Is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Most HVAC companies (heating and cooling contractors) offer air conditioning maintenance services. You make an appointment with a technician to service your AC equipment—even though you are not currently having any major problems with your AC system.

This may seem unnecessary, but air conditioners that receive regular professional maintenance perform better over time. A lot of components can wear down over the course of a year. The indoor and outdoor coils collect dirt and grime, and this prevents the heat exchange process from working the way it is supposed to. Parts may need tightening or lubrication, or there may be a major component in need of repair or replacement.

AC maintenance consists of three major steps that keep your AC system in the best shape possible. While the individual steps may vary from company to company, these things should help restore your air conditioner to prime condition.

  • An inspection of the entire system.
  • Tune-up and adjustment as needed.
  • Cleaning key components like the coils.

Why Should You Schedule Service Today?

Don’t wait too long before scheduling service for your air conditioner. It may not be warm enough to turn on the AC just yet, but you don’t want to wait until temperatures are climbing before you discover you need major repairs for your AC system.

An air conditioning inspection may reveal problems that—taken care of today—will not bother you in the middle of the cooling season—when you really need your air conditioner to work. Plus, you get many extra benefits from an AC system that is tuned up to perform at its best.

How Do You Benefit?

You can benefit from AC maintenance in so many different ways. Catching problems early on are essential to a comfortable, easy cooling season. And the cleaning and tune-up process can offer some other advantages as well.

  • Save money on your cooling costs. Your energy bills are likely highest in the middle of summer when you run your air conditioner the most. A maintenance visit in the winter or spring helps parts to run more smoothly, which means lower operating costs.
  • Reduce repair calls throughout the season. It is less likely that your air conditioner will break down when you have maintenance before the warmer season starts.
  • Keep your air conditioner for longer. We know that air conditioners are not cheap, so you want to keep yours around for as long as you can. This is made easier with regular AC maintenance, which may help keep your air conditioner running smoothly for longer, increasing its lifespan.

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