A Quick Way to Determine If Your Toilet Is Leaking

A Quick Way to Determine If Your Toilet Is Leaking

Some of the leaks in your home are more difficult to spot than others. Of course, when the sink or shower keeps making that dripping sound, you’re bound to notice the leak. And eventually, you’ll notice a leak underneath your sink.

But a leak in your toilet tank is surprisingly difficult to find. For our purposes, we are not referring to a leak that leaves puddles of water on the floor. Instead, we mean a leak that takes place between the tank and the bowl.

Is Your Toilet Running?

One of the easiest ways to catch a leak between the toilet tank and bowl is to listen. If the running sound from your toilet after each flush seems to go on for way too long, that could indicate a leak. You may even hear your toilet run sporadically throughout the day, which is almost a certain indicator.

A More Reliable Test

However, your toilet won’t always make noise when there is a leak between the tank and bowl. This is the most common place for a household leak, and it often goes undetected for years on end. That’s when you need a more reliable test to tell you whether there is a leak.

Dye tablets are available from a local plumber or hardware store for testing purposes. Open up the tank and drop one in, and then wait 15-20 minutes. If the bowl was filled with any dye, you have a leak.

In most instances, you will only need to replace the toilet’s flapper valve to stop the leak. You can find replacement flapper valves at a local hardware store as well. However, if you don’t feel confident replacing this on your own, or if you notice more severe leaks at the toilet base or elsewhere, it’s time to call in a plumber.

Allstar Home Services provides dye tablet tests and toilet repair in Fontana, CA. Contact our team to learn more!


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