The Importance of Checking Your Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Importance of Checking Your Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Some home maintenance tasks can easily fall by the wayside when life gets busy. You may neglect to clean the top of the ceiling fan for a while longer than you’d like, or you might put a hold on purchasing a new appliance when your budget is uncertain.

But the home maintenance tasks that help keep you safe should never be neglected. This includes testing your carbon monoxide detectors each and every month. We explain what makes this so important in the guide below.

Carbon Monoxide Is Deadly

Unfortunately, accidental carbon monoxide poisoning claims hundreds of lives per year. Fuel-burning appliances are, of course, designed to keep carbon monoxide out of the home, venting it outside instead. But these measures can go wrong, and CO gas could potentially leak into the home through a cracked heat exchanger, an improperly installed flue pipe, or by other means.

Carbon Monoxide Cannot Be Detected Easily

When there is a natural gas leak in the house, you might notice the smell of rotten eggs, or you may hear a hissing noise from the gas pipes. Carbon monoxide, however, is an odorless, colorless gas. You cannot detect it through the senses alone. Sometimes, people find out about a leak because family members start to get ill, but of course, this is not ideal. A carbon monoxide detector is the only way to know for sure your home is safe, or that you are at risk.

It’s a Simple Task That Can Save Your Life

You should check your carbon monoxide detectors each and every month. All you have to do is hold down the button on the front of the unit and listen for an alarm, ensuring it is loud enough to hear throughout the house. You should also replace the batteries every 6 months and replace the CO detectors in the house every 10 years.

Don’t have a carbon monoxide detector in the house? It’s time to install yours ASAP. Contact our technicians for more advice, and know that your home is protected.

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