A Quick Guide to Recognizing Sewer Leaks

A Quick Guide to Recognizing Sewer Leaks

It’s quite possibly the worst issue you can picture coming across with your property. A sewage leak is not something that’s easy to protect against, and something that could cause a major headache, thousands of dollars in repairs, and a potential health hazard.

The dangers, however, are drastically reduced if you catch the problem early. Of course, that means knowing just what to look for.

Recognizing Sewer Leaks on Your Own

There may be some problems you’ve already detected that indicate a sewer leak underneath your property, although some give off few indicators. Still, it’s important to know the signs in case it ever happens to you, so you can call a plumber for repairs ASAP. Some things you might notice from a leaking sewer line include…

  • Odors in the yard.
  • Drains in the home keep clogging up.
  • Parts of the lawn seem greener or fuller than others.
  • Cracks in your home’s walls or baseboard, or at a walkway.

Finding Leaks with the Help of the Pros

Of course, spotting these signs does not necessarily mean there is a sewage leak. For example, unexpected growth in your yard could be indicative of a water leak, as could a crack in the foundation of your home. Clogged drains may, of course, have to do with a large amount of blockage in the pipes.

That’s why it’s so important to call in the pros with the right tools for the job. Professional plumbers have inspection equipment to ensure the problem is spotted as quickly as possible, along with the expertise to recommend repairs and get that job done, too.

Be sure to call in plumbers who carry video camera inspection equipment to get a good look at your pipes and find the exact source of the leak. In addition, a company that uses trenchless technology will be able to repair most sewer pipes without damaging the yard!

Allstar Home Services offers trenchless services for sewer repair in Ontario, CA. Contact our team today!


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