When Do You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line?

When Do You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line?

The pipes in your home might seem as if they’ll last as long as your home does, and we truly hope you never have to deal with any sewer problems during your homeownership. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely realistic.

Although your sewer pipes are certainly durable, they will need replacement—eventually. The number of years can vary greatly and depends on many circumstances (and perhaps a little luck), but we’re here to help you understand a little more about what you might expect.

How long should your sewer line last?

Again, the answer tends to vary: it depends. Your sewer line may not suffer much noticeable damage aside from a few clogs while you own your home. On the other hand, you might have to replace it far sooner than you might think.

  • Clay pipes may last about 50-60 years (although there are no longer installed in new homes).
  • Cast iron pipes can last 75-100 years.
  • PVC pipe may last indefinitely; we haven’t used them long enough in homes to be able to measure!
  • Any of these numbers can vary based on circumstances in the drains, in the soil, or near the home.

What factors influence sewer line’s lifespans?

There is no way to really predict how long your sewer line will last. Some homeowners will experience little problems with the sewer line aside from a few drain clogs throughout their homeownership. Others will find they need to repair the sewer line frequently or even replace, reline, or reroute it. It all depends!

  • Nearby construction or other sources of ground movement (such as an earthquake) may force the sewer line to break.
  • Tree roots might pierce the sewer line in search of fertilization.
  • Conditions within the soil can speed the rate of corrosion.
  • Shoddy installation might mean sewer line leakage or breakage sooner than you would expect.

How can you tell if the sewer line needs repair or replacement?

We hear this question often, although we believe a different question is intended. When homeowners ask whether their pipes need repair or replacement, what they really tend to be asking is this: will there be a giant trench in my yard?

Not necessarily! We have some good news: today, it’s easier than ever before to fix problems with a sewer line. Whether your sewer line needs repair or replacement isn’t so important as what tools your plumber has to solve the problem. If, for example, your plumber only has access to basic trench digging tools and new PVC pipe, you can expect to have to replace a broken or leaking sewer line completely with much time and damage to the property involved.

However, when you call a plumber who has access to trenchless technology, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your property. Sure, a plumber may have to dig a hole or two in order to insert the pipelining equipment in order to reline your pipes, but this involves minimal impact. All in all, the area is kept clean, your pipes are repaired faster, and the new pipelining should last just as long as a brand new pipe.

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