Is Your Air Filter Doing Its Job?

Is Your Air Filter Doing Its Job?

Most people know that their air conditioning system has an air filter. Most people also know that their air filter helps to keep many commonly harmful particles out of their air. What many people do not know, however, is that the air filter is really designed to do much more.

For the most part, your air filter is designed to provide protection for your AC system. Think of how much damage it could suffer as the blower fan sucked in air if there was not a filter to stop particulate from flying into the system. Still, even though you have a filter in place, it might not be doing its job.

Is your filter too dirty?

Of course, your air filter is not a solid surface. The media must allow for air to flow through. But over time, the air filter can collect a lot of dust. As it does, the particulate gathered on the filter can block air from flowing through.

When a filter is too dirty, your air conditioner cannot do its job. In fact, it puts your air conditioner at risk of malfunctioning. The indoor coil can freeze, the motor of the blower fan can become overworked, and the system will struggle as parts wear down. That’s why it’s important to change your filter each and every year!

Is the filter the wrong size?

It may fit into its designated slot just fine, but your air filter could still be the wrong size for your system. You may have actually purchased a filter that was too effective. Many people purchase a filter that’s rated highly for filtering allergies in hopes that it will improve their air quality. But this is really a job for an air purifier that’s installed separately.

If the air filter is too effective, that means the media may have fibers that are too tightly woven together, blocking airflow in the same way as a dirty filter would. We often find that people have the wrong filters for their systems, so speak with a technician if you’re not sure!

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